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The only safe review service using real people!

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Friends tell Friends

Since we put your app in front of real people who love discovering new apps, they’ll actually play with your app…and if they like it, they’ll not only continue playing with it (think advertising revenue), but they’ll actually tell their friends about it who will download and play with. It’s like instant social networking for your app!

Easy Reviews!

Let us do the work to make sure your app gets downloaded and reviewed. After all, you’ve spent enough time already developing the app, don’t you deserve to sit back and reap the fruits of your labor? Appiness will make sure your app stands out from the rest, with honest, real and detailed reviews.

Apple or Android

Whether you need downloads and reviews for your Apple app or Android app, we’ve got you covered. We have reviewers on both sides. You know, the Apple fan-boys (and girls!) as well as the die hard Android-Rules crowd. When placing an app review order you can specify which app stores to use.


Your ranking in the app store is directly related to the downloads and reviews you receive. Yet, getting downloads and reviews isn’t easy when you aren’t ranked. It’s the proverbial catch-22, and that’s where we come in. Receive as many downloads and reviews as you need to see your app rank higher and higher on the store!


We are the only service to offer real people doing real reviews, across a wide geography. We have many reviewers waiting for a chance to download your app, play with it, and leave a detailed review in the app store. You can expect roughly 65% of your reviews to come from the US, 25% from the UK and the remainder from Europe. No fake IP’s or “water armies” here.


Getting started is extremely easy. Create an account and then choose a package based on how many reviews you want. Our reviewers will be alerted randomly (to ensure diversity and non traceability) and will get to work. Every time a reviewer completes a review, you get an email and the reviewer gets paid. You sit back and watch your app start ranking! It’s a win-win situation!

Pricing to make you smile

Starter (5)

5 Reviews


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Get Noticed! (10)

10 Reviews


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Make a splash (50)

50 Reviews


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Get On Top! (100)

100 Reviews


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Is it safe?

Absolutely! We are not faking the reviews by pretending to be many people and spoofing IP addresses, or holding multiple fake app store accounts. We enlist real people around the world who will get paid for their time. These are real users who love playing with apps. Nothing crazy here!

Who will review my App?

Reviewers are real people around the world who have an interest in discovering new apps. In exchange for their time, they get paid every time they do an app review. Where do they come from? Well, about 65% US, 25% UK and the remainder Europe. About 60% female, 40% male. Age group around 16 to 24.

Get paid to review apps

You already like downloading new apps and games, why not get paid for it? Sign up to be a reviewer and when we get a review request, we’ll send you an email. Simply download the app, use it and then leave a review in the store and you’ll get $5 deposited into your paypal account, as easy as that!

What are you waiting for?

As much as you love your App, the days of “build it and they will come” are unfortunately over. The app stores are crowded and the only way to stand out and rise to the top is through legitimate downloads and reviews.


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