Publisher Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe?

Remember these are real people doing real reviews. They’re not all the same person trying to do reviews under a spoofed IP or logging in with multiple app store user names. These are people who are in school or have jobs and they’re avid smartphone users who enjoy discovering new apps.

Will all my reviews be five stars?

NO! If you’re looking at gaming the system, go hire one of those services that will get your account banned. Plus, we want to be good custodians of the app world and will not engage in deceptive practices. Real people are going to do real reviews. If your app is really really bad, you should expect to get a review that may not be what you were looking for. Think of our service as an opportunity to get the exposure you believe your app deserves. It’s up to you to make your app good. However, reviewers are encouraged to leave 3-5 stars, and if they believe the app warrants less than 3 stars, the reviewer has the discretion to not leave a “star” review. However, they still get paid and it is still counted towards your review package.

What if I don’t like a review?

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about that. If a review is grossly unfair or does not meet the requirements of the app store, you can always take up the issue with the app store directly. They may be able to remove the review.

Do I get a chance to see the review before it gets posted?

No. We will email a reviewer with a link to your app. They will download it, play with it and leave a review directly on the app store under their name. We are not involved in the review process itself.

Can I cancel an order once I’ve placed it?

Unfortunately not – It’s not us being difficult. Instead, once your order is placed, it is automatically distributed to a diverse set of reviewers who will start reviewing it. They get paid for their time. If you cancel your order there is no way for us to retract the email.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy?

Unfortunately not – It’s not us being difficult. Instead, once your order is placed, it is automatically distributed to a diverse set of reviewers who will start reviewing it. They get paid for their time. If ask for a refund, we cannot go back to each reviewer to ask for their money back.

Ok, so I can’t get a refund, but what if you didn’t deliver on everything your promised?

We’d go out of business if we didn’t offer a good service along with good customer service. If you feel that you didn’t get all the reviews you paid for, let us know (support@appiness.io). Tell us how many you ordered and how many you believe you received. We’ll make it right.

How long does it take to complete the reviews?

It’s not a precise science because people are involved. Reviewers agree to review an app within 72 hours of receiving the request. Some may do it immediately, some may do it after a day and some may push it to the limit. If a reviewer does not complete their review within this timeframe it is removed from their account and assigned to another reviewer who then has the same time limits. We like this 72 hour window however, because this ensures a natural traffic pattern of downloads and reviews to your app

I’d like to order 100 or more reviews but I want it to be spread out over time?

No problem. Due to the review assignment cycles you will have a natural trickling in of reviews.

Are reviewers compensated?

Yes, reviewers receive more than 50% of the proceeds (what your review package costs). Every time they review an app, they get paid.

Reviewer Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work and can I be a reviewer?

BE sure to read this page to answer this

Can I receive payments via anything other than paypal?

Sorry no, not at this time.

How soon after I review an app do I get paid?

When completing your app review BE SURE to take a screenshot of your written review.  After you review an app, you need to log in and mark the review as complete and upload a screenshot of your review. Once you do this, we will automatically send you $5 to your paypal account.

Why do you ask my age, sex and location on the sign-up form?

We ask this so that app publishers can optionally target their review to a certain demographic. This information is not shared.

I signed up to be a reviewer but I didn’t receive any review requests?

This is perfectly normal. Once you sign up to be a reviewer, your account is eligible to be called upon to review an app when we get a new review request. However, names are selected at random, so for every app being reviewed, you may or may not be notified. So don’t worry if you haven’t received anything yet, just be patient!

Do I have to leave a five star review?

No. You should review the app honestly. Of course, our app publishers hope to get positive reviews. We encourage 3 to 5 star reviews. However if the app is just so bad, you have the option to not leave a star rating. You will still get paid for your time.

How long should a review be?

Generally speaking, aim to leave a review between 2 to 6 sentences long.

In what language should the review be?

Leave the review in the language relevant to your location and app store.

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