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20 May 2014
by Admin

“Review my app, please!”

This is a common refrain from many the weary app developer – review my app please! The app store is so crowded these days that it’s not longer a case of “build it and they will come”. Instead, our poor app developer needs  to actively market his or her app to help get it downloaded. And while you can certainly use an app review service like our appiness, here are some additional marketing tips:

I published my app, now how do I market it?

This is a common question. If you’re like most of us, you’re a hot developer, you enjoyed cranking out your latest masterpiece, and you didn’t give much thought to the marketing aspect. Back in the early days of the app store marketing was easy – but now – well, you’re drowned out in a noise of other apps.

Here are some guidelines for marketing your app. Unfortunately, yes, it does take some work, but, the results will be worthwhile.

First the free resources:

Social Media Presence

Make sure you have a Facebook page and a Twitter page for your app. Especially Facebook. Spend the time to make it look polished. A good suggestion is to use an inexpensive service to create your facebook timeline page for you, so that you have nice banner image and professional look. Then, update your facebook page regularly. This should be easy: You’re excited about your app, so keep talking about it. Don’t make it too salesy, but you can give tips, hints and more. “Here’s a tip for all of you struggling on level 2: Make sure the widget is aligned with the player”, as an example.

A website
Put up a simple one page website. With auto wordpress installs and thousands of themes available, putting up a website should take you no more than a few hours. Hop over to themeforest – you’ll find themes dedicated to mobile app landing pages.

A Youtube trailer
Record a 20 seconds of your game and create a youtube trailer. You can do this for free but I’d almost recommend spending just a little money to have something that looks professional. You can get this done cheap or if you have time do it yourself. Many app review sites will just want to see a video trailer so that they know if they want to waste their time or not reviewing your app. So put your best put forward and get that video out there. And yes, you can then use it on your website and facebook page.

Submit to review sites
Ok, this has both a free and a paid option. There are many review sites where you can submit your app. Some will charge a fee to “expedite” the review. For now, we focus on the free ones. Submit your app asking for a review, and include a link to your video and your website or FB page. Make the reviewers life easier!

Update your forum signature
You’re probably a member of a number of forums, perhaps technical forums for when you were developing your app. Update your signature to talk about your new app.

Paid Resources:

App Directories
There are app directories which will charge you to be listed and reviewed. Find some of the better more well established ones and consider paying for inclusion.

Banner Ads
This can be expensive…but it can be effective. Create a snazzy banner ad for your game and publish it across a couple of game networks.

In game advertising
Look at services like Chartboost where you can advertise your app inside another app. This can be an effective marketing tool.

Oh, and lest we forget…a plug for our own service (full disclaimer), Statistics show that when people look at an app in the appstore, they FIRST scroll down to see how many downloads and how many reviews an app got before bothering with it themselves. So while you need to engage in a myriad of the marketing activities described above, we highly recommend you first get some real downloads and reviews of your app using a service like ours….then you’ll no longer be asking “hey, review my app”!

Good luck!

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