Quickblox revises pricing

01 Jun 2014
by Admin

Another BaaS (Backend-as-a-service) company has revised its pricing structure. I’m talking about Quickblox this time. This is good news for developers, and most of the viable BaaS products on the market have a very capable “free tier” – honestly, I can’t see much need for the indie developer to waste their time developing the backend for their mobile app. The free tiers offered by companies such as Parse and Quickblox will be more than adequate for most mobile apps. In fact, should you need to move into a paid tier, this is probably a nice problem to have because it means your app is doing quite well!

Quickblox recently revised their pricing. Both the free tier and the first paid tier make the service quite accessible. The free tier is quite capable, allowing your app to have around 20,000 monthly user and supporting 20 chat requests per second. That’s pretty decent. The first paid tier comes in at $49 per month, half the price of Parse’s first paid tier, and gives you 35,000 monthly users and ups the chat requests to 35 per second. Certainly, Quickblox is offering a competitive pricing plan.

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