Restaurant Baffles Diners With Tricky Wi-Fi Password Equation

30 Oct 2016
by Admin
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Patience is a virtue, especially if you want to use this Texas restaurant’s Wi-Fi.

YaYa’s Thai in San Antonio is giving diners access to its internet, but only if they can solve an elaborate equation, reports Mashable. And, so far, it appears to be leaving people entirely stumped.

Reddit user Joshua_Glock posted a photograph of the Wi-Fi password equation sign online on Friday.

“Where are the math wizards at?” the Redditor asked, adding that they were “determined” to join the restaurant’s network.

The question sparked a flurry of responses. Some Redditors offered up possible solutions, like this one:

Others speculated that it was either wrong or a trick question:

Joshua_Glock, meanwhile, collated the suggestions and tried them out during a later visit to the restaurant ― but apparently to no avail.

While the Redditor still clearly wants to succeed in cracking the code, it’s unclear whether anyone else has managed to log on to the eatery’s network.

The restaurant and Joshua_Glock did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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