Why App reviews are important

04 Apr 2014
by Admin

App reviews are the single most important factor in determining the ultimate success of your app. Well, ok, that’s not entirely true. You need an app that doesn’t suck…or if it does suck, that it sucks in a new and novel way (think ‘flappy birds’). So assuming your app is half way decent, the most important factor to getting increased traffic is through reviews. And I’ll explain why:

1. Ratings over Description
There are countless statistics that show the average app store customer will FIRST scan the reviews before reading your entire app description. Think about it…it is an instant 5 second question being asked and answered: “Is this app even worth my time?”. Think about your own app store habits, and you’ll realize you may be guilty of this too. So you need to ensure your app has a large number of downloads with a corresponding number of good reviews. Don’t be that app that shows “no reviews”, or worse, a single 1 star review.

2. Chart placement
The position of your app on the charts is in part determined by the traffic and reviews your app receives. Think of it as ‘app seo’ – just like high trafficked websites tend to do better on the search results (catch-22), so do apps receiving downloads with positive ratings.

3. Getting noticed
This is similar to item 1. above, but think about professional app reviewers or media coverage. Think they’re going to enthusiastically endorse a app with tepid downloads and reviews? Heck no! “Group Think” will have them gravitate to the apps that seem to be most popular.

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